Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's wrong with my name?

After installing the Eclipse IDE and all Android's SDK components, I tried to create my first emulator. On Windows Vista and 7, the emulator disk images are created under your user's folder (C:\Users\UserName). After setting up all the required paths, I fired Eclipse and used the AVD Manager to create my first image of a 1.5 device. The creation process ran fine but the emulator refused to start, complaining about something related to path names (ERROR: no search paths found in this AVD's configuration). Apparently the path name for the AVDs cannot have UNICODE characters like mine has (C:\Users\João Paulo). The 'ã' seems to be confusing for the SDK... The solution is to create an alternate directory for your AVDs with proper naming and use the command line to create them:

android create avd -n HVGA-3 -t 1 -p d:\android\avd\HVGA-3 --force

Life's good now.

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